Fingerprint Rings


Your wedding ring is a lifetime investment and the Fingerprint Wedding Ring takes this symbol of commitment to your partner a step further.

Here at Peter Gordon Jeweller we have created the Fingerprint Wedding Ring collection, based on the one truly individual feature we all have, our fingerprint. We take your partner's fingerprint and blend it with the finest of metals to create a striking wedding ring that will always keep your true love with you.
Peter Gordon personally works with each client so you are involved in the design process from the beginning. There is a range of options available to suit every taste and budget.
If you are looking for a truly unique wedding ring, this collection is for you.

From here if you would like to find out more about the Fingerprint Wedding ring range you can download a pdf of the information booklet on the link at the bottom of this page.  To order one of these unique rings please go to the contact page and request the Fingerprint Collection Kit to be posted out to you.



Click here to download     the  information ebook