Fingerprint Jewellery


There is nothing more precious than the bond between a parent and child. With the Fingerprint and birthstone Jewellery range, you can now keep your loved ones close to you always. The one aspect of every single individual that is uniquely their own, is their fingerprint. Crafting your fingerprint into precious metals capturing a moment in time and creating a highly personal piece of jewellery that you will cherish forever.

This unique line also includes birthstone beads and other uniquely crafted designs, with or without diamonds, to make up your very own one of a kind piece of jewellery.

These designs differs from other fingerprint jewellery products in the quality and craftsmanship, and the stylized fingerprint patterns incorporated into the jewellery.  Each piece is exclusively designed and handcrafted with the highest attention to detail and quality. It is a unique, luxury product, intended for the discerning buyer.


If you would like to know how you can start the process of ordering you own piece of Fingerprint Jewellery please contact Peter to have an information pack posted out to you.

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