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The process of enameling we use is called Cloisonné Enameling, which is an ancient technique of adding the powdered glass to the background of the piece and then firing multiple times in a kiln at a temperature of 850deg C to permanently fuse the glass to the metal. The enamels that we use are made from the finest coloured glass ground into a fine powder.


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  • Speckled Green Enamel Pendant

    This pendant features a high dome of green speckled enamel set in a full bezel of gold. The arms of the pendant are sterling silver and are grain set with peridot gem stones. The smaller full bezel setting just above the enamel is also a peridot. The bottom panel is grain set with diamonds in gold and is surrounded by gold scrolls. The pendant is on a fine sterling silver belchor necklace.

    The price is $1,887