Exclusive Facebook offer



My name is Peter Gordon and I have been designing and crafting custom made jewellery for the past 20 years. I have fairly recently joined the Facebook community and wanted to be able to produce something that was exclusive to you....a fellow Facebooker.

That is why this page is not open to the general public on my website. So, when you browse through the other pages of my site you will not be able to get back here unless you access it from the Facebook ad or, you click on the 'back' button on your internet browser until you are back here.

These three styles of pendants available for you to have your favourite photo created into a stylish piece of jewellery, have been designed specifically for this offer for you. To launch this deal I would like to give them to you for 30% off and I will also include a complimentary necklace at no extra cost.

The total value of these pendants is normally $545 but is yours for just $295 if you take advantage of this offer.

To get you started just click on the images to follow the simple steps and instructions on how to take advantage of this offer.

To take advantage of this special offer please go to the next page by clicking here.